How it Works

FidoCure DNA Sequnce
1. Sequence DNA

Your veterinarian submits a tissue sample to FidoCure® for DNA sequencing.

FidoCure Cancer Mutations
2. Identify Mutations

FidoCure® creates a personalized DNA report that helps identify genetic mutations that may affect treatment based upon tumor type.

FidoCure Targeted Therapy
3. Targeted Therapy

Informed by FidoCure®, your veterinarian may prescribe targeted therapies (administered orally at home).

Trusted by Vets to Guide Treatment

Interview with Dr. Gerald Post
What FidoCure® provides is really a unique piece of information, the genomic signature of that cancer , and so now veterinarians are able to use not only histology, and stage, and breed, but also the genomic signature in order to put together a treatment plan with more information.

— Dr. Gerald Post · DVM MEM DACVIM
Chief Veterinary Officer, One Health Company